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Optimus PrimeWelcome to my ever-improving home page. Well, this site has been here for about a month, and I haven't made any huge changes. I keep saying I will, but I never do. But, hopefully that will soon change. Now that there's new stuff like ActiveX and JavaScript and all that, I think I'm going to have to be learning a whole bunch of new things just to keep up. We'll see what I end up adding in here.
I'm planning on adding some cool stuff. As soon as I can get Planet Access to take my CGI scripts, I'll put up a guest book. I already have a form made up for it, so I'm all set. I'm also in the process of making a QuickBasic page, with a small guide and sample programs. I am also going to put up some type of Star-Wars related page, although I have no idea what it'll be about. Suggestions?

Anyway, take a look around and drop me a line.

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